On the platform

On the platform, nothing else matters.

Don’t think about anything else. Nothing else matters. Just think about you lifting the barbell.

Nothing else.

You love weightlifting. You love the way a good barbell feels in your hook-gripped hands. You love the way you feel when you catch a snatch in the bottom of a squat and hang out there for a second before standing up. Or when you’re standing there with the barbell straight over your head, thinking about how it got there.

Sure, it’s only two lifts to work to get right and this seems like it would get boring but those two lifts alone take so much work to get right and when you think about it—that’s kind of amazing.

It’s never boring. You’re the perfectionist type. You’re hard on yourself at times but this sport always has a way of keeping you humble and keeping you on your toes. It’s less comfortable but you should lean into that because it will be better for you.

It takes so much focus and persistence and there are days where you want to quit. Days you’re wondering why you do this at all and that you must be insane to love it like you do. Days where you’re exhausted—physically, mentally, and emotionally—and being able to lift anything at all takes all your strength. Days where the barbell just doesn’t feel right and it is not your friend. Most friendships have disagreements but they’re usually for a reason. Understand that. Take the bad days as actually good days in disguise—they are good days. Good because they teach you. They make you better. These kinds of days are how things happen on the better days.

You love the struggle and the fight and the fact that there will always be something to improve. You also will love it for years to come if you just think about lifting the bar when you’re on the platform. Nothing else.

Just focus on you and the barbell.

Malary Cloke