Good to be alive today

You know when you're at a concert (alone) and it's a little awkward and you don't know what to do with your hands, you don't know if you should take your jacket off or keep it on, you don't know if you want to dance, etc? You're enjoying the show but are easily distracted by the people around you because they have someone to talk to (and they are)?

Well that was me last Thursday—briefly.

Michael Franti played SaskJazz, a big music festival in Saskatoon. I saw him a year and a half ago and that show was nothing short of amazing so to say I was excited and had high expectations would be an understatement. There was one specific song that caught my attention while listening to his latest album a couple days before the show and it was this song where the show last Thursday went from good to one of the best shows I've ever been to (not exaggerating).

Saskatoon is a tiny little part of the world and not that many people were at this show, I know, but this song and the rest of the show that followed it? It felt good. The power of music, man.


"Everyday I wake up and turn my phone on
I read the news of the day, just as it's coming down
I do my best not to let it get me down
I try to keep my head up, but this is Babylon
This world's in crisis, we try to fight it, this changing climate
With scientists and politicians divided by it
So many ways we could solve it but they would never sign it
This mountains tumbling down, but still we try to climb it
It's in the Torah, Quran and in the Bible
Love is the message for some how we turn to rivals
It's come to people always picking up their rifles
Another school getting shot up, homicidal

People used to feel safer when they would hear a siren
Like help is on its way but now they only think of violence
Another youth in the streets and police is in a conflict
And now they hear the guns click, yo
Ebola crisis and ISIS is taking heads off
A drone is bombing a village and now the kids all
Signing up to be soldiers, but they all willing now
To do the killing now, but are you willing now?
Some politicians out there making up some problems
And tryna tell the people that they can solve them
With TV shows and soundbites and quotes
But everybody knows that it's all about the cash flow
They telling you and me, they're making progress
But tell it to the millions of jobless
It's like a players club with billions of dollars
To get the votes you got to make it rain in congress

Some people tryin' to look fly, some people tryin' to get high
Some people losing their mind, some people tryin' to get by
And when you look in my eyes, you see the sign of the times
We all looking for the same thing

But what if this song's number one
Would it mean that love had won?
Would it mean that the world was saved?
And no guns are being drawn today? / And no bombs are being dropped today?
What if everybody had a job?
And nobody had to break a law?
What if everyone could say
That it's good to be alive today
No matter what nobody say
And we all say
One day, we all will say
That it's good to be alive today"

—Michael Franti, Good to be Alive Today


Finishing off the show with probably all of the kids in the crowd ... on stage.  His shows are good vibes.

Finishing off the show with probably all of the kids in the crowd ... on stage.

His shows are good vibes.