Pumpkin spice things


If I turn orange after this weekend (Thanksgiving) ... well, I can't say I'll be surprised.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren't my favourite thing because I'm team black coffee but of all the pumpkin things I am a sucker for pumpkin pancakes the most. Actually, I'm a sucker for any pancakes ... but when you add some pumpkin puree and cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice into the mix? Sold. I'm not even ashamed. 

This is not a fancy recipe. I'm not even sure you can call it a recipe. Who has time for that when they're hungry? These are so easy that anyone can make them with only a few necessary ingredients in a very short time. 

  • 65g Kodiak powercakes (Costco) ... aka, powdered gold.

  • 1/3 c. Pure pumpkin puree (about 75g)

  • 15g Vanilla protein powder

  • 55g Egg whites

  • Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to taste ... aka, a lot. No seriously, you likely can't screw up by putting too much in. Unless you're my grandmother the cinnamon-hater (just kidding, grandma, love you).

Add a bit of water and mix everything together. I don't measure water, I just add a little bit at a time straight from the tap until I get the consistency I want. I also put in just 8g of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips after everything was mixed up. Tip: the minis are great because I get more chocolate distributed into each pancake without having to add too much. Gotta keep the sweets in check, always. 

Pour the batter on your lightly greased pan or griddle on medium to high heat and flip when there's some bubbles, you know the drill. I'm not really here to teach you how to make pancakes, I'm here to teach you how to step up your regular, old boring pancake game to some delicious, basic pumpkin pancakes. 

This batch made three medium sized pancakes. I topped these all off with apple butter and chopped apple warmed up with some cinnamon and drizzled a little sugar-free maple syrup over it all (use real maple syrup if you please) but honestly, these were so good the syrup was hardly necessary. 

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, all. If you're Canadian.

Malary Cloke