Words from Hard Love

"There is literally one Needtobreathe shirt I still actually wear regularly and I got it five years ago. I like it because it's simple and fits good. Nothing fancy. Neutral colour. The design is appropriate for guys and girls and would work on any style of shirt ... they need more shirts like this." —me. I said this.

I like to support artists by buying their merch. I don't buy a ton but I do occasionally love a good band shirt. As I get older, my personal style for these types of shirts matures (read: minimalist tendencies). My design standards also matures and often I don't even like the looks of the shirt I end up walking away with but the fan in me couldn't say no.

Over the span of about five years or so this has led to a drawer full of shirts I never wear.

This is a problem.

"I like small typography on shirts. I like a lot of lyrics from this album. . ." —me, brainstorming.

So that's how it started.

For the next couple of weeks in whatever spare time I had, I made some really quick mock ups. Then I went back and revised them all again. Then I changed the concept a little. Then I revised it all again. And probably again.

Then I saw two shows on this tour and came home with two apparel items, only one in which I actually liked. Sigh.

When I started to like these ones I was designing much more than the one I just purchased, I called it done.



Just for fun. Shirts are mock ups only.